Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It snowed!

This past week we enjoyed a wonderful, winter wonderland. We even missed school. Late one night the whole family went out to sled. Mom almost broke bones trying to go down the hill on a snowboard contraption. Dad only went down once but had fun hanging out with the family.

Jason's Pinewood Derby

This past Saturday Jason enjoyed the Pinewood Derby. His car was really cool and did quite well. What a fun day!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Kimmie Gives her first talk in church

Kimmie spoke in church this past Sunday. We were so amazed at how well she did. She was very confident and beautiful. She is really growing up quickly now. She said she wasn't nervous and everyone asked what happened to our little girl. We felt the same way.

We were most excited because Bubba (grandma) and Aunt Cathy drove 5 hours just to hear her talk. What would we do without family. They are the best.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Beginnings 2009

January 14th, 2009 we had the opportunity to welcome the new young women who will we turning 12 this year into the Young Women's Program. It was an amazing experience.

One of our beehives wanted to do a play, Snow White and the Seven Values, as a 10 hour Personal Progress Project. We were excited knowing that our goals for the YW this next year focused on continuing advancement in the Personal Progress Program and on living a virtuous life.

The play was wonderful. The girls really put their heart into the play and gave of their time and talents to make it a great success.

Kimmie played the part of Knowledge (Doc). She really enjoyed hamming it up and being on stage. It was the first time she has sang a solo. As her mom, I think she has a beautiful voice and
hope she will sing more often in public.

The play would not have been complete without the "Mirror-Mirror on the Wall," Earl, also known as Brother Rupp. The girls had a very difficult time not laughing when he was doing his part. We all knew he would have changed the wording from Snow White being the most virtuous and true, to Marie.

Working with the young women at church is the greatest!

Christmas 2008

What a wonderful Christmas we had. For the 1st time in almost forever we stayed home. It was was really nice and quiet. Favorite gifts were compound bows for the boys and a Jonas Brothers book for Kimmie. Later in the day we had decided to go see a movie, Marley and Me! We had only seen the trailer and thought it was going to be a comedy. OOPS! We were all really disappointed when the dog died! Everyone left the theater in tears and so there goes that tradition. Ha Ha! Mom and Dad enjoyed watching the kids and playing. Daddy was a great sport and watched Mama Mia because mom asked him too. It was a wonderful family day playing, snuggling and being together.


Adam's 1st Scout Camp Out

December 5th, 2008
Adam was able to go on his first scout camp out. It was only about 20 degrees but dad had helped Adam prepare his pack. Of coarse dad set him up and Adam had only the best SWAT equipment. Adam said the best part of his experience was making a fire in the morning. Adam really loves scouting and camping.